Soloviev called “disgusting bullying” criticism of Mikhalkov transfer of chipping


www.vsyako.netVladimir Solovieva: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Vladimir Solovev has commented on the attacks on film Director Nikita Mikhalkov from-for edition of the program “Besogon TV”, which told about the plans of Microsoft founder bill gates chipped mankind. In the air, “Soloviev LIVE” on his YouTube-channel presenter said he believes Mikhalkov man who deserves the utmost respect and veneration, and also noted the inadmissibility raged around Director of “disgusting bullying”.

Solovyov called Mikhalkov, a friend and a true patriot, the great Russian Director and a prominent Russian thinker. “Like any man, he is entitled to his point of view , which may or may not like the rest”, — said the presenter.

“It is well known with what joy the people trying to smear shit, especially if you not long ago, the idol seemed to them”, — Soloviev speculated. He added that not all agree with the ideas of release Mikhalkov’s “Besogon TV” of chipping, however, considers unacceptable the arisen criticism.

Solovyov also mentioned the “meanness demonstrated by one leading adjacent channel”. “Mikhalkov wrote, you see, the letter to hurt him, to join him in discussion and through the lip to teach it a lesson! Blotter fucking! To teach! A whistleblower from the Soviet era decided to teach. I won’t say his name, and to understand it all. Not to say that I started again interzonal war,” he replied to the criticism Mikhalkov.

Previously, the issue of Mikhalkov about chipping commented TV presenter Vladimir Pozner. He reported that he experienced disgust while viewing due to the fact that the program was a “colossal lie.” Posner also wrote the Director a letter, the publication of which is not expected. In response Mikhalkov accused of lying to the Posner and revealed the details of their private correspondence. After that Posner published personal correspondence with the opponent, but stressed that to continue the discussion do not intend to.

In early may, Mikhalkov, in the ether of the author’s program “Besogon TV” said the billionaire and philanthropist bill gates plans to microchip humanity. The TV channel “Russia 24” have refused to show replays of issue, which Mikhalkov subsequently complained of censorship. The channel guide said it has no plans to abandon the transfer, but a new issue came out only on the YouTube channel of the Director.

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