The daughter of Eduard Uspensky called my father a tyrant and spoke about domestic violence


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The daughter of Eduard Uspensky Tatiana called my father a tyrant and spoke about domestic violence. About it reports the edition “the Interlocutor”.

In an open letter the woman asked not to assign the award named children’s classic. “I think that the person whose name is called the state prize, must be first of all good and moral… My father was very ill, committed to a lifetime of domestic violence, it was his system of relations in the family,” she wrote. According to her, rude, rudeness, control, and coercion was the norm assumption. In this case, the people he showed the ostensible idyll.

Tatiana noted that the writer had a problem with alcohol, but he refused to refer to specialists. Instead, he supported the cult of Victor Stolbun, though, and knew that there is the practice of beating children.

“How can you mix up the name of the person who engaged in domestic violence, with eternal values? Then it turns out that any person who has reached a high social status, can do anything?” — asked the writer’s daughter. She acknowledged that her father was a talented man who could inspire others with your creative ideas.

In an interview with TV channel “360” Tatyana Uspenskaya remembered that she was sent to the sect Stolbun in 11 years. The woman said that her father liked to humiliate people. He sometimes beat members of his family. “I was 18, I went to the Institute with swollen eyes. We lived on the Klyazma, in a private home, when he was thrown out, pushed out to the street. He was beaten, I ran away,” shared the writer’s daughter.

Eduard Uspensky died 14 August 2018. He was 80 years old.

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