The death of the model in a plane crash associated with a sinful lifestyle


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Users of social networks have linked the deaths of Pakistani top model Zara Abid in the crash of a passenger aircraft Airbus A320 “Pakistan international airlines” at Karachi with supposedly sinful lifestyle that she led. It is reported by The Sun.

As the newspaper notes, after the news of the death of 28-year-old Abid social media was flooded with comments in which users have gloated over the death of a model, insulted her and accused that she was sinful from the point of view of Islam a way of life. In particular, there was criticism of the manner of dress and the profession Abid.

“Allah does not like women that show all parts of his body, and Jannat (Paradise) is only for pure men and pure women,” wrote one of the users. Others joined him, saying that Abid is waiting for the torments of hell, and urged fans to stop the model to justify it.

After the mass dissemination of such review accounts Abid in Instagram and other social networks was removed. In this case, said The Sun, it is unknown whether this is due to a wave of criticism and insults to the deceased.

Zara Abid worked as a model with well-known fashion brands in Pakistan. This year she also began her acting career.

The plane of airline “Pakistan international airlines”, carrying out domestic flight from Lahore, crashed in Karachi while landing on 22 may. On Board were 90 passengers and eight crew members. The fate of eight people is still unknown, the rest died.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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