The doctor predicted the negative consequences of rigid quarantine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

TV host and pediatrician Eugene Komorowski predicted negative consequences in future can lead to strict quarantine measures. In a new video published on his YouTube channel, he said that the longer they last, the longer it will take to produce population immunity.

“The more we tighten the screws, to limit communication, flying, close all, the greater will be the generation of herd immunity. He will still develop early or late. Sooner or later, 60-70 percent of people will have immunity, and then the transfer will stop,” predicted Komorowski.

The physician added that because of the strict quarantine measures in connection with the coronavirus in many countries stopped doing elective surgery and routine vaccination of children. “We still it may come back to haunt the flashes, and then we will see how our infectious hospitals will cope with kovida, plus whooping cough, diphtheria plus, plus measles”, — concluded the doctor.

Earlier, Komorowski explained, how can it be unprofitable to wear medical masks. According to him, it will hinder thermoregulation and lead to the fact that people will experience discomfort, intense sweating and, as a consequence, continually adjust the mask by hand.

Earlier on may 25, it was reported that 23 regions of Russia are ready to begin the first phase of lifting the restrictive measures imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus. According to the program of the CPS, the removal of restrictions will take place in three stages. The first will be allowed to play sports on the street and play with the kids, the second will begin work educational institutions and shops at the end of the open parks and squares.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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