The head physician of the hospital in St. Petersburg told about the mass dismissal of doctors


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Doctors of clinical hospital No. 122 in St. Petersburg laid off EN masse due to the coronavirus, said the physician Jacob Nakata. It is quoted by “Interfax” on Tuesday, may 26.

According to him, at first, the doctors did not come to work for fear of becoming infected, and after receipt of marks on absenteeism began to write resignations. How many employees quit, he said.

“The hysteria that is now on TV affects our employees, not everyone can withstand such pressure and simply refuse to work” — complained Nakutis.

He said that at least 30 of the 480 employees of the hospital already infected with a coronavirus.

The doctor also said that in medical institutions of the city early in the epidemic were not in a sufficient quantity of personal protective equipment. “We are in a situation where every main doctor as in a stall, bargaining for the acquisition of means of individual protection,” he said.

On may 26 the head of the regional working group on countering the proliferation of coronavirus Evgeny Shlyakhto said that in Petersburg more than three thousand health workers infected with coronavirus, eight of them died.

May 19 in Yakutia, an infectious disease doctor Lena district hospitals were hunted down and brought to a dismissal following a complaint to the Governor on lack of personal protective equipment in the institution. May 17, officers of the Gudermes district hospital in Chechnya complained about the lack of masks, gloves and other protection.

Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus infection was identified more than 13.7 thousand residents of St. Petersburg.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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