The man was injured during sex with an 81-year-old relative died


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An American resident of Texas, died from injuries sustained during sex with an 81-year-old relative. It is reported KCTV.

65-year-old Craig Lamellae (Craig Lamell) was in the hospital in November 2019 with serious head injuries. He told police that he was beaten by three unknown men when he was walking on the bike path in the South-East of Houston. The lamellae could not describe the signs of robbers and on 2 December he died.

A few months later, his relative, 81-year-old Alex Bischoff (Bischoff Alan), was dismissed. After the dismissal of his former employer gave the police a suspicious e-mails found on the computer, Bischof. In one a man talked about having sexual relations with Lamella, which, according to him, was interested in sadomasochism.

According to the letters Bischof, in early November of Lamellae, asked to beat him, and then together they made up a story about a robbery to explain the origin of the injuries. Bashofu charged with assault on a family member with aggravating circumstances. The degree of relationship Bischof and the Lamella is not specified.

In 2018, it was reported that a British millionaire has confessed to the accidental murder of his mistress during sex. The man claimed that she died as a result of injuries that were caused by mutual consent.

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