The Ministry of culture will over-fulfill the plan of the national project “Culture” of the digitization


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

The plan of the national project “Culture” of the digitization of the industry in 2020 will be exceeded several times. About it the Deputy head of the Ministry of culture of Russia Olga Yarilova said in an interview published on the portal “stopmanager.of the Russian Federation”.

According to Alloway, pandemics, coronaviruses and the mode of self-isolation became “a real challenge to the cultural space of the country”. “But the Ministry of culture was among the first to react to the isolation of citizens, transferring the work of many subordinate institutions in online mode” — she said.

The official spoke about the attendance records that are hitting the Internet resources and online projects of the Agency: “At the end of the first quarter we had approximately 20.5 million visits in the General plan to 2020 is 32 million. Given the dynamics of recent months, to the end of the year we will exceed this figure several times.”

“These numbers are impressive, especially given the increased in recent months, online activity. Any action, launched in social networks, is now experiencing huge competition. So what are the results is an undeniable success,” explained Yarilova.

On the conduct of the national project “Culture” dedicated 113,5 billion. It includes three Federal programs: “Cultural environment”, “Creative people”, “Digital culture”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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