The Muscovites refused to “Amnesty” on penalties for violation of isolation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: AGN “Moscow”

Full Amnesty on fines issued to Muscovites for violation of the isolation through the application of “Social monitoring”, will not, said the first Deputy head of the office of the mayor and government of Moscow Alexey Nemeryuk, the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

“There are offenders who violate up to 10 times. Therefore, to grant Amnesty to these penalties shall not be”, — he said.

Ameryk was reminded that there is a system for contesting fines. According to him, all the collected funds will be allocated to combat coronavirus.

He also said that the city authorities are not yet ready to cancel the app “Social monitoring” that must use residents of the city with the coronavirus and SARS symptoms.

Earlier Muscovites complained about this program. So, Irina Karabulatova year didn’t leave the house because of a disability, and she was diagnosed with SARS. Due to the inability to install the app on the phone, she was fined four thousand rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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