To Poland free deliver of Ukrainian migrant workers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Gremi Personal

In Poland, Charter flight delivered 178 migrant workers from Ukraine. About it writes “UKRINFORM” with reference to the General Director of the company’s employment Gremi Personal Tomas Bogdevich.

According to him, the flight was free for Ukrainian workers. About 40 percent of them came to work in Poland for the first time. People will be involved, in particular, consumer and logistic applications. With all the Ukrainians signed long-term contracts, they provide health insurance.

“After the plane landed 178 of Ukrainian labor migrants transported by bus in about 10 places for 14-day quarantine,” — said bogdewic about the necessity of passing Ukrainians observation.

The flight was organized in connection with a large request for labour of the Polish employers. Official permission to fly was given the authorities of Poland and Ukraine.

Bogdevich noted that the company will review the first flight, to determine whether you want to be next. There are considering to organize a series of charters for Ukrainians wishing to enter Poland and have the work visas. This restores transport through open crossings of the land border.

May 22, speaker of the Parliament of Estonia Henn Billwas urged to abandon the use of “slave labor” of the Ukrainians in agricultural work. He opposed the requests of the farmers to allow to come into the country the people of Ukraine to collect strawberries. “The business model is built on cheap slave labour has passed,” said Pillois.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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