Ukrainian TV presenter insulted citizens


www.vsyako.netOstap Drozdovoj: DROZDOV / YouTube

Ukrainian TV presenter Ostap thrushes in the air on their own Internet channel called the people of his country “foul and orusevshih”. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The journalist said that the Ukrainians spoiled “technologies of the Kremlin.” In his opinion, this will lead the country to “mediocre, unprincipled, conceited, no people.” The presenter believes that Ukrainians are accustomed to the prolonged occupation and not seek to build their national state.

Drozdov summed up that the longer Ukraine remains without a strong policy, the less the country’s chances for victory.

Earlier Drozdov called Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine “unicellular”. The journalist already made controversial statements on television. In August 2019, he called the mindless sheep of the citizens who voted for a new President, Vladimir Zelensky. And in early may he boasted cheating Russian tourists, saying that if it suited the tourist and Russian asked him how to go somewhere, he “will always show the way, but in the opposite direction.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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