Uncover the secret to perfect skin Elizabeth II


www.vsyako.netElizabeth Foto: Kirsty Wigglesworth / AP

The Queen of England avoids sunlight on her face. The secret to a perfect skin Elizabeth II opened the founder of online lifestyle MilesYounger.com, beauty expert Stuart miles (Stuart Miles). His words leads to The Sun.

According to him, the Queen never goes on holiday in a hot country. Instead, she prefers to spend time in the cool, for example, in the Scottish residence of Balmoral, which is a stop for many years.

“The Queen has great skin, and all this is due to the fact that it avoids harmful solar radiation. Even in travels abroad she always goes out in a hat with a wide brim or under an umbrella, protecting her face from sun exposure,” explained miles.

In his opinion, is the lack of sun allows Elizabeth II look really young in ‘ 94.

Earlier in may, the personal Barber has revealed the secret of the hairstyles of the Queen of great Britain during the regime of isolation: in his words, Elizabeth II has been laying hair on their own. “She washes them, dries and forms styling — and she’s doing well! She is very experienced and knows exactly what to do,” he said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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