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In Egypt, the 17-year-old Abdelaziz Menna (Menna Abdelaziz) published in the social network TikTok video in which she complained of rape and beatings. As reported by Youm7, the video soon became viral, and they became interested in police: first they arrested the suspect in the sexual assault the man, and then wanted to detain the girl.

Egyptian accused of raping Ibrahim Mazen (Mazen Ibrahem). He was soon arrested on suspicion of committing a crime. He called the accusations false, but added that he plans to write Abdelaziz statement. “She’s a girl, and when she’s angry, she can say anything. She has already apologized, and I don’t take offense at it,” said the man.

Later, the blogger did make some videos in which he said that the whole incident was a “misunderstanding”. She said that they have with Ibrahim is now “all right.” In some social networks blamed the girl for misconduct, but many users supported the Egyptian and began to call for justice.

As reported by Masrawy, at present, the police have been interested in publications, girls. It was planning to arrest him on charges of violation of public morality of posts on the social network. According to the source, the law enforcers have already determined the location of the girl.

Earlier, a Chinese blogger by the name of Chao with her mother faked the accident on the road in Zhengzhou. So the man wanted to increase his popularity. But in the end the blogger, his mother and a friend received five days in jail and was fined for violation of public order.

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