Woody Allen has revealed details of his marriage to adopted daughter


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Director woody Allen has revealed details of his marriage to adopted daughter soon-And Preven. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The filmmaker admitted that the original Union with a woman who was younger than his 35 years, seemed reckless. According to him, people thought his “old male” and expect that he will begin to use beloved. “This never happened”, — said Allen.

As noted by the 84-year-old Director, before the affair with the adopted daughter he was convinced that most relationships are not without cheating. He believes that he managed to find the right person. In addition, Allen said that thanks Proven for many years do not go to the psychiatrists. I calmed down when he married. I got rid of many neurotic habits,” said he, but added that’s still afraid to go through the tunnels and don’t like small spaces or elevators.

“She doesn’t like jazz and sports, and I don’t like some TV shows that she watches. But we agree on the important things in the upbringing of children, place of residence and in how we interact with each other,” explained Allen.

In March, the Director remembered the scandal from the erotic photos 22-year-old adopted daughter soon-And Previn, who later became his wife. In his memoirs he said that he found pictures of his ex-wife MIA Farrow. According to Allen, the artist felt and shock and rage and confusion that, in his opinion, was the right response. Allen did not expect that their romance with Previn grow into a marriage, because I thought that she would find herself a young guy in College.

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