Doctor exposed fake about the nature of the coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Thomas Peter / Reuters

Doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski drew attention to the new fake on the nature of the coronavirus. In a new video on YouTube doctor said that he regularly send messages with false information and exposed one of the recently appeared and untrue concepts.

“It appears that the coronavirus is a virus, it’s bacteria. Guys, this is for you the drum: a virus is that a bacteria — all bacteria. The virus you treat with antibiotics the staphylococci you are treating with antibiotics. Most of you were taught in school: that between viruses and bacteria no difference”, — said Komorowski details of fake. In a false report also claimed that the bacterial nature of coronavirus becomes apparent at autopsy, especially if the doctors reveal the hands and feet of the deceased.

Komorowski lamented at how easily people believe false information. “Before all this spread, please, just think, who cares. It is necessary that you earn money. You’ve already been buying some of hydroxychloroquine, napokupali funds from worms, ginger for any money do not get it. Stop playing these games”, said the doctor and added that distributors of fakes to show that they are very easy to manipulate. “Why the hell or why the ginger you paste the chips? You just have to send message” — syroniziroval the doctor.

Earlier, Komorowski predicted negative consequences in future can lead to strict quarantine measures. In his opinion, the longer they will last, the longer it will take to produce population immunity. The doctor also added that because of the quarantine in many countries stopped doing elective surgery and routine vaccination of children.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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