Five-metre great white had attacked the fisherman


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Off the coast of California five-metre great white had attacked the fisherman, ubivshii fish from a kayak. This publication reports the North Coast Journal.

Predatory fish are attracted cook with the catch. According to 40-year-old Michael Thalheimer Junior (Michael Thallheimer, Jr.), the shark came within seconds after he swung it overboard. “I saw its snout and the soulless eyes — says the fisherman. — She bit right through the kayak right in the middle, quite close to my knee and thigh, inches 15”. Man with all his strength struck the shark on the snout and forced her to unclench. Hitting the kayak tail, she disappeared from sight.

Thalheimer immediately headed for the shore. “I passed probably half way when it became clear that the kayak is filled with water,” he says. A man phoned to 9-1-1 service and began to tell about the incident, but this time his kayak overturned. He tried to climb back, but it toppled again.

The fisherman was in the sea, holding on to the upturned canoe. “I was in the water, maybe 15 minutes, and all this time I thought that the shark might return, he said. — At my feet dangled nalovlennyh fish, which I tied to the kayak. I kept saying to myself: “Calm. Panic before a fall””. In the end, Thalheimer was rescued by local fishermen, contacted the fire service received the call.

The great white shark, also known as the man-eater, is one of the largest predatory fish in the world. The average members of this species grow to 4.6–4.8 meters in length. Considered the most hazardous to human species.

Earlier it was reported about a group of scuba divers that feed fifty hungry sharks and caught on video. Despite the fact that these predators are quite aggressive in the wild, on video they playfully swim around divers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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