Husband left his sleeping wife in a Cobra and killed her



In India, the police accused the man of murdering his wife with a Cobra. It is reported by local newspaper Malayala Manorama.

According to the police report, Indian Suraj (Chris Evans) took two attempts to deal with his wife, Triple (Uthra). The first occurred on March 2, he slipped into the bedroom the couple chained poisonous Viper. After that, the victim almost two months was treated in hospital. Then the Morning moved to the family home where she was recovering after the attack. May 7, 27-year-old Suraj was left in her room and threw it in his sleeping wife Cobra. This time to save the woman failed.

“Suraj was left in her room, pretending that nothing had happened, — said in the police report. — He was awakened by the cries of the mother Utry. They took her to the hospital, where doctors pronounced her death.” Later in the room found a Cobra and killed her.

A few days after the death of Utry widower tried to take possession of her property. After that, the parents of the deceased began to suspect him of murder. The investigators found that Suraj talked with the owners of snakes, and also studied in the online video with these reptiles.

It is noted that the Morning was born in a wealthy family, and her husband, an employee of a private Bank, needed money.

According to police, in marriage to Suraj gave almost a hundred gold coins, a new car and half a million rupees (472,9 thousand). “He feared that in case of divorce he will have to return the dowry. For this reason, he decided to kill her,” reads a police statement.

Suraj and the man who supplied him the serpent, was arrested. The case is under investigation.

In April it became known that the inhabitant of the American city of Jupiter, Florida, is accused of murdering his wife and attempting to explain her disappearance by infection with a coronavirus infection. American is in custody, the body of his wife is still not found.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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