In Moscow have missed a balcony


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In the period of forced isolation of coronavirus in Moscow has increased the popularity of the balconies — citizens used them for outdoor recreation and for jobs. Home buyers in turn become more likely to pay attention to whether there is any apartment balcony or loggia, according to the materials of the Agency “Bon Ton”, arrived in edition “”.

Among the capital buildings comfort class where you conducted the sale of apartments, the balconies were missing about 30% of the complexes. “Balconies (including balconies and terraces) are present in 57% of projects under implementation. Another 13 percent is projects, which represented the “French” balcony, which also allows you to sunbathe,” — noted experts.

In the segment of housing business class, the share of projects without balconies above — it is almost 44 percent of the total number of new buildings. As pointed out by realtors, some buyers of apartments, balconies and loggias are unimportant, and their absence helps to save money when buying a home. “Not long ago, the balcony was perceived as a place for storing things, so the architects proposed to replace objects with the freaking Keller boys and closets”, — explained in the “Bon Ton”.

Experts suggest that after the quarantine may increase the demand for not just apartments with balconies, but also accommodation with separate entrance. “This decision allows residents to minimize contact with other people,” they say.

Earlier in may, the Director of the Department of new buildings “INKOM-real Estate” Valery Kochetkov said “the” that one of the main shortcomings of modern housing in Russia, which revealed the quarantine coronavirus, is a small square.

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