In the diary of an SS officer found the data about tons of hidden Nazi gold


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Tens of tons of gold to Nazi Germany can be stored under a medieval Polish castle. Reported by the Daily Mail, citing researchers of the Polish-German Foundation “Silesian bridge”.

We are talking about 28 tons of gold, which is probably hidden in the castle of Hochberg in Wroclaw. Also there can be value the rich poles who have transferred property in SS as the red army’s advance in 1945.

Experts say that found evidence of the stash with jewels in the personal diary of an SS officer. Diary compiled by Egon of Ollenhauer who was assigned to hidden Nazi treasure on the orders of Hitler. It is believed that an officer of the Third Reich hid the 260 trucks with different values. In his diary marked 11 places of alleged caches.

If the assumptions of the researchers are correct, the cost of a cache in Poland may amount to 1.25 billion pounds (109,1 billion). Planning and financing the excavation is hindered by the lack of permission of local governments. However, the Fund said it has already received preliminary consent to carry out works from the owners of the castle.

In 2015, two clients of the law firm appealed to the authorities of the Polish city of wałbrzych with the message that he found the train to the walled-up tunnel at a depth of 70 meters. As proof, they showed pictures of the GPR. The authorities agreed to recognize their right to a 10% share from all the found treasures in the event of detection.

About the diary of Egon Ollenhauer became known in 2018. The researchers noted that when the Red army began to advance on the Nazis, Hitler supposedly ordered to hide the trucks with the values in Silesia. Among them — almost 30 tons of gold and paintings by Caravaggio, Botticelli and Raphael. The manuscript was kept in the archives of one of the German religious organizations that call the Masonic Lodge.

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