Medalist in figure skating made a coming out


www.vsyako.netGuillaume Sizerange: Raniero Corbelletti / AFLO /

French skater Guillaume Cizeron, who plays in a pair Gabriella Papadakis in dancing on ice, has made coming out. His words are quoted by L’equipe.

A cizeron said that many friends tried to persuade him to admit that he is gay, although he has long resisted. According to the athlete, his decision will help the LGBT community, but on the other hand, can overshadow his victory. “I want to be known as a skater, winning medals, not the figure skater is gay. My coming out must go in favor of homosexuality” — he concluded.

A cizeron and Papadakis — silver medal winners of the Olympic games in 2018, a four-time world Champions (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019) and five-time European Champions (2015-2019).

In October last year, Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov criticized the riding of Cizeron. He refused to consider the French man and called him a crook “blue”. In response, the French skater laughed at the comments of the Russian colleagues.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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