Merkel described the situation with coronavirus words “we are at the start of a pandemic”


www.vsyako.netAngel Marcelito: Reuters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the situation with the pandemic coronavirus in the country, putting at its initial stage. Her words leads TASS.

“We are still living in the beginning of the pandemic. We have no vaccine, no cure,” said the German leader. However, she noted that a successful fight against the coronavirus associated with the joint work of the Federal authorities and the länder.

Earlier, the head of the Office of the Federal Chancellor Helge Braun predicted the continuation of the pandemic coronavirus until the end of 2020. Brown praised the citizens of Germany for compliance with restrictive measures. He also emphasized that thanks to their discipline decreased the rate of infection and more severe restrictions are not needed.

Before Merkel said that the epidemic of the coronavirus SARS-СoV-2 — the most serious challenge in the history of Germany since the founding of the Federal Republic.

According to recent reports, Germany has infected 182 thousand people died of 8.4 thousand. Recovered 162 of thousands of patients.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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