Modernized Tu-22M3M stood at supersonic speed



The second prototype glubokoeshelonirovannoj strategic bomber-missile Tu-22M3M during the fourth flight tested on the supersonic, TASS reported a source in the military-industrial complex.

“Already completed five flights. Exit to supersonic took place in the fourth flight. The machine has demonstrated the stability and good handling, updated systems and equipment in the course of testing work in a regular mode”, — said the source.

The source reminded that the second prototype Tu-22M3M passes the first stage of flight tests at the airfield of the Kazan aviation plant named after Gorbunov. “The modernization of all Tu-22M3M staff will be equipped with refueling booms. Preliminary testing is scheduled for completion in 2020,” — said the source.

The first flight of the second prototype of the modernized Tu-22M3M was held in March.

In October 2019 TASS, citing a source in the military-industrial complex, announced that the first prototype of the Tu-22M3M under factory test made 18 successful flights.

The first flight of the Tu-22M3M made in December 2018 in Kazan. Roll-out of the missile-bomber took place in August of the same year.

Multimode distant bombers Tu-22M3 is designed to defeat ground and sea targets with large, medium and small heights, adopted in 1989. Just released 268 of the aircraft modification. Bombers Tu-22M3 bombers participated in the strikes on terrorists in Syria.

To the level of Tu-22M3M it is planned to upgrade about 30 Tu-22M3. The updated car will receive modern avionics and weapons. In the future Tu-22M3M will be equipped with hypersonic aircraft missile complex “Dagger”, range in which the composition of the missile-bomber is estimated at three thousand kilometers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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