Moose cleared in the Russian city during the epidemic



In Yaroslavl during the epidemic of wild animals carousing in the city came to moose, bears and beavers and foxes and wild boars, which began to notice the locals. About it writes the local edition “Arnosti”.

The greatest interest among the citizens was caused by the appearance on the territory of the city of big animals, including moose.

Head of the Zoological Museum of the faculty of biology and ecology, Yaroslavl state University Aleksandr Rusinov explained why the animals closer to the people.

“The appearance of moose in the city in late spring — early summer, — the phenomenon quite ordinary. Before birth the female expels the yearling calf and the one still lacking the full skills orientation, often looking for open spaces. In the woods, it very often can be a way that somehow leads to the city,” — said the zoologist. He warned that Yaroslavl “with heavy traffic and ground obstacles” creates stress for the animal, and his behavior becomes dangerous to himself or to others.

A zoologist also explained to the citizens the appearance of a bear on the streets. “The appearance of a bear, most likely an accident. We can assume that in connection with the withdrawal and cancellation of the hunting season in the woods was very few people who are still wary of the bears and forced them to stay as far away from cities. Now straight to the boundaries of any city the bear can go in a completely deserted the regime,” said Rusinov.

In April, residents of the Moscow region warned of carousing bears. Local residents also began to meet on the streets with wolves, foxes and bears. According to experts-zoologists, mode of isolation on the background of the spread of coronavirus can promote the release of predators outside the usual hunting grounds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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