Named areas of Moscow with a maximum probability of infection of the coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Natruskin / RIA Novosti

In the Moscow district, Zyablikovo, Brateyevo and Biryulyovo-West recorded the maximum probability of infection of the coronavirus — here the highest index of epidemiological risk (2,57, of 2.40 and 2.38 points, respectively). About this newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing a joint study of the Moscow centre of urban studies and analytical Habidatum.

The experts also referred to areas such as Orekhovo-Borisovo Yuzhnoye (2.37 points), Nagatinsky Zaton (2.30 points), Northern Medvedkovo (2.25 points), Orekhovo-Borisovo Severnoye (2.21 points), Chertanovo North (2.21 points), Strogino (2.17 points) and Chertanovo Tsentralnoye (2,16). When calculating the estimated probability of infection when trips to the store or the pharmacy, throwing the garbage into the container on the street or the dog walk.

The specialists considered the possibility of infection and by additional criteria. So, these are dangerous places to live in Metrogorodok, Ivanovskoye and Biryulyovo West (high density of people in the shops), a pharmacy in Nagatinskiy Zaton, Sablikova and Brateevo. To be infected with coronavirus in the Elevator at the highest risk residents Yaseneva, sablikova and Smith-Borisov South neighbours there more often in the hallways to each other.

The safest recognized by the Central and Western areas of the capital — Tver (0.37 points), Kurkino (0.47 points) and Presnensky (0.48 points). Here, in principle, resides less Muscovites, than in the whole city. Sleeping areas can be practically identical with the centre for population density, however, vary considerably according to the degree of development of the living space.

“For example, Yasenevo “green” zone is more than 40 percent of the district. But in terms of isolation of walking on it is prohibited, so here is one of the highest population densities in built-up areas” — explains the head of the Moscow center of urban Sergei Kapkov.

Previously, the regions of South-Western administrative district of Moscow appeared to be the worst isolation. In Concave, Zyuzin, the Kotlovka, Academic and North Butovo see weak insolation, a small area of yards and low availability of commercial facilities.

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