Named needed to check the bodies after suffering COVID-19


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Andrew Nikitichev / AGN “Moscow”

Patients with COVID-19 after recovery needs to check the lungs, kidneys and brain. These bodies are in conversation with RIA Novosti called the Professor of George Mason University (USA), doctor of biological Sciences Ancha Baranova.

According to her, about light we must refer to the lung, of the brain — the neurologist, to check kidney to take the blood tests and to pay attention to the glomerular filtration rate. The biologist noted that, according to available data, the coronavirus affects the kidneys, possible neuroinflammation, headaches, problems with memory, concentration. “Such problems are typically not going anywhere, but in theory this should work,” she added.

Baranova earlier warned the Russians from a desire rather to recover from coronavirus infection, because it can be dangerous to your health. There is currently no vaccine and effective treatment, and the virus is insufficiently studied.

On 27 may in Russia is registered more than 370 thousand facts of infection. More than 142 thousand people were recovered, nearly four thousand died. The country is in third place among the world leaders in the number of infected people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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