Solovyov has declared war against the leading state channels


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TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov complained that against the employees of the state of the channels is an information war. In conversation with the chief editor of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan during the stream on the YouTube channel, the journalist said that the attack on his colleagues began in 2014.

In conversation with Solovyov Simonyan called Russia one of few countries in the world has sovereignty, however, complained about the blocking of Russian Internet users and channels RT on American sites, which, in its opinion, are subject to the U.S. government. “We have no sovereignty in the information space. We are a country of victorious American censorship,” said Simonyan.

In response to this Solovyov said that against Russia “consciously” there is an information war. “A few years ago, to be exact, in 2014 they set the goal to discredit all those who trust people”, — shared his observations he added that, in his opinion, from this moment on “wave after wave” are attacks on Simonyan, as well as leading on the “Russia 1” Dmitry Kiselev, Sergey Brilev, and of Solovyov.

The presenter also asked the question, who leads the information war. “Created in the West, the structure of trained strawbreaker, which to take out, which still contain a variety of citizens, including the [Mikhail] Khodorkovsky to the actual Western funds”, — he explained his point of view.

Among publications that reproduce the “stuffing of the West” the journalist called “statements” and and also added that he knows the entire chain “of the Western de facto agents of influence who do are all against the country.” In addition, he believes that service “Yandex.Zen” there is a manual selection of the news, which makes “enemies”. Solovyov also disagreed with what it called the promoter, as, from his point of view on his program involves people with different opinions.

Earlier Solovyov appealed to the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon after received from him the offer to give an interview. In the air of Federal TV channel, he called Gordon a “Nazi scum”, the heir to Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher, and the Russian media workers — heirs Levitan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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