Special forces mixed up left and right, and came not there


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Globallookpress.com

Police in the French Limoges accidentally broke into the apartment of an elderly couple, confusing left and right. It is reported by France Info.

It happened during a special operation on detention of the suspect in the preparation of the attack about six o’clock in the morning. Instead go down the corridor to the left, the security forces rushed to the right and broke down the door of the apartment where lived an elderly couple. France Info published comments of the spouses according to their only daughter.

The woman woke up because of the noise she saw a few armed police in black, sent to her lamp. Special forces soldiers demanded that the pair talked about the whereabouts of their son. Only after the woman replied that no son she is not, they realized that an error has occurred.

It is noted that the police managed to locate criminal suspects in the preparation of the attack on the synagogue. An elderly couple promised to repair the damage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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