The evacuation of Wagner PMC mercenaries from Libya have been linked with problems in Syria


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The evacuation of hundreds of mercenaries of private military companies (PMCs) Wagner from the zone of hostilities in Libya and the retreat of the Libyan national army (LNA), under the command of field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot can attest to the fact that Russia will soon be able to wait for the problems in Syria. On this regard, Arab News reports.

According to the publication, the change in the balance of forces in Libya in favor of the opposition Haftarot of the national consensus government (NTC) is connected not so much with the actions of Turkey, which is fighting on the side of the NTC, but with the US influence. So, a week ago, Washington has condemned the participation in the Libyan conflict Russia, which is attributed to the support of the Haftarot using PMC Wagner, and then called for the speedy de-escalation of the situation in the country. In addition, the President of the United States Donald trump held a telephone conversation with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan during which they discussed the situation in Libya and Syria and agreed to maintain political and military cooperation for peace and stability in the region.

Thus, says Arab News, the US clearly stated its anti-Russian stance in Libya, there is a probability that in the future the same position Washington would take in relation to Russia’s presence in Syria. As notes the edition, such changes can be related to the fact that Moscow continues cooperating with Iran in Syria that the US and Israel consider to be unacceptable. Maybe if Russia will not be able to force Iran to reduce its military presence in the region, Washington will begin to act more aggressively, including to provide greater military support to its allies — Turkey and Israel.

It is now clear that Russia was not the best situation in Syria. On the one hand, Moscow is becoming increasingly clear that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whom she had supported throughout the civil war in the country, no longer able to ensure its interests in the region and even prevent it. While both Turkey and the United States are increasingly demonstrating that they are ready to contain the ambitions of the Kremlin in the middle East. On the other hand, Russia can’t just walk away from Syria, as this would seriously undermine the credibility of President Vladimir Putin not only in the international arena, but also within the country. Besides, Moscow hopes somehow to compensate at least part of the costs incurred during the years of the Syrian conflict.

In the circumstances, the best option for both Russia and the West will be the negotiations, said Arab News. The United States needs to understand that the deal with Putin is possible only on terms which will protect Moscow’s interests in Syria.

Evacuation about 1, 6 thousand soldiers PMC Wagner from the combat zone in the West of Libya, it became known on 25 may. Later the permanent representative of Libya to the UN, Taher al-Sonny posted a video of moving soldiers near the city of Beni Walid. According to him, captured the footage of the mercenaries fought on the side of the Libyan national army (LNA) field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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