The FSB found at clandestine gunsmiths newest Kalashnikov rifles


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During large-scale operations across the country, the FSB found and seized at clandestine gunsmiths nearly 200 guns, including the latest designs of the Kalashnikov. On Thursday, may 27, reported the press service of the FSB.

According to security officials, seized 10 machine guns, 27 rifles, a number of copies of the AK-12, AK-103 and other modifications of the Kalashnikov. As well as 55 sniper rifles, among them is the Russian “Vintorez”. 55 rifles and carbines, including the American M-16, 82 gun and three rocket-propelled grenade: RPG-7V and RPG-26, grenade GP-25.

In addition, seized 20 kilograms of explosives, 35 grenades, more than 16 thousand rounds. Many weapons of the great Patriotic war. During the RAID was eliminated 13 underground workshops on the modernization of weapons, is equipped with specialized equipment that operated in nine regions of the country.

8 may it was reported that the city of Buzuluk of the Orenburg region, employees of criminal investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Regardie and FSB detained a 43-year-old welder. He during the search seized more than a hundred grenades “f-1”, hand grenades, detonators, rifles, revolver, sawed-off shotguns and nearly two thousand rounds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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