The funding of national projects in the Saratov region increased


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kirill Kuhmar / TASS

The volume is aimed at realization of national projects of funds in the Saratov region increased. This was announced by Vice-Governor of the region Alexander Strelyukhin, reports TASS.

He said that in 2020, the implementation of the national projects in the Saratov region provided 22.8 billion roubles — a quarter more than in 2019 the Increase in funding has occurred including at the expense of additional funds from the Federal budget for the construction of major social infrastructure facilities: the cancer center with the clinic and polyclinic General practitioner. Additional money is allocated for upgrading medical equipment.

Strelyukhin added that the threat of disruption of or failure of national projects in the Saratov region no.

Until the end of 2024 Russia will be the national project “Health”. In total it is planned to spend more than 1.7 trillion rubles. The project aims to provide Russians with affordable health care and improving its quality, the changing nature of relations between doctors and patients, increasing to 70 percent coverage of primary prevention, introduction of modern clinical guidelines, reducing mortality from cardiovascular and oncological diseases, increase in life expectancy of Russians at the age of 78 and more.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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