The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has promised Russia “otvetku” for diplomatic attack


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The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba commented on the message of the Russian foreign Ministry, published on 20 may in connection with the first anniversary of the inauguration of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. He told this in an interview with “Facts.”

According to him, such comments over the past six years have been “typical situation”. “Please note: usually do not we attack, the Russian foreign Ministry such offensive and unfounded statements, and they are us” — said Kuleba.

He is convinced that “if you hit, you have to beat back.” Kuleba has promised Russian diplomats answer as long as they “afford”.

“Although I would prefer to discuss with the Russian foreign Minister [Sergei] Lavrov cessation of hostilities [in the Donbas], and the path of peaceful settlement, not a virtuoso command of propaganda rhetoric,” he concluded.

May 20, the Russian foreign Ministry released a review with a critical evaluation of Zelensky on the post of the President of Ukraine. Moscow said that his campaign promises were just a Declaration. Kiev called the comments hate speech, stressing that Russian diplomats are engaged in disinformation, accusing Ukraine into a Russophobic government policy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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