Ukrainian mayor filed a lawsuit against 1 hryvnia against called him a thug Zelensky


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The mayor of Cherkasy Anatoliy Bondarenko filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity against President Vladimir Zelensky, who called him a bandit. This was announced by the lawyer of mayor Denis Tsypin, reports “Espresso”.

Bondarenko asked recover from Zelensky 1 hryvnia as moral damages for the “humiliation of honor, dignity and business reputation”.

Zelensky may 20, during his press conference declared that “do not sit down at table with these bandits,” as Bondarenko. “I don’t even know how to speak when the mayor has 19 criminal proceedings”, — said the President.

After that the mayor announced that he was preparing a lawsuit. “You know, today I first heard of that on me, it turns out that 19 criminal cases. I even my lawyer called after the press conference and asked — like, what is that criminal cases are why I do not know where they are?” — Bandarenka told reporters.

Scandal with participation of Bondarenko began after April 30, the city Council of Cherkasy decided to reduce the city’s quarantine imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus. The decision criticized the Ministry of health, and Zelensky has threatened the mayor problems giving him / her a “heartfelt greetings” from himself, the security Service of Ukraine and interior Ministry. Bondarenko said in response that Zelensky in the local elections in Cherkasy “nothing to catch”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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