USA declared “unsafe” interception of his plane Russian fighter


www.vsyako.netSu-35 (archive photo) Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti

In the US, spoke about “unsafe” interception of his plane Russian fighter su-35. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the press-release of the Sixth fleet of the U.S. Navy.

It is noted that Russian fighter jets allegedly at the same time close to the American aircraft on both sides, thus limiting the ability of Poseidon P-8A “safe maneuver”. “The interception was identified as unsafe and unprofessional”, — noted in the Sixth fleet. All intercepted, according to the Navy, lasted about 64 minutes.

April 20 the Russian su-35 fighter intercepted an American reconnaissance plane, which was heading in the direction of military facilities in Syria. The pilot of the Russian fighter after a rendezvous with an unknown aircraft was able to identify the tail number and belonging to the U.S. Navy. U.S. intelligence took over the escort.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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