Wife Justin Bieber has publicly accused of facial plastic


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American plastic surgeon publicly stated that the wife of canadian musician Justin Bieber supermodel Hailey Bieber has done some plastic surgery, and attracted the attention of her lawyers. About the scandal according to the portal TMZ.

Dr. Daniel Barrett (Daniel Barrett) Beverly hills posted a video on his account TikTok, which compared two pictures of the supermodels first frame was made in 2011 and the second in 2016. According to him, nose Bieber was already “careful”, which cannot occur without surgical intervention.

Barrett also suggested that the girl made genioplasty (shape change and strain relief chin area — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) and increased the lips.

After the video went viral, lawyers for the couple said the surgeon “has been spreading false, unsubstantiated information,” thereby advertising their services. In addition, Barrett was accused of copyright infringement for using a line from the song Justin Bieber Sorry in the caption to the video.

The lawyers demanded that the doctor removed the post from the social network and published a retraction of his words within 24 hours.

Barrett, in turn, said that the video in which he talks about plastic surgery, are informative. He said that for this reason has no plans to remove them.

According to the newspaper, the doctor will continue to discuss the case with lawyers.

In may, the supermodel Hailey Bieber responded to the criticism of users, suspecting her plastic surgery. In one of the fan accounts on Instagram published a collage, which combined photos of the person Bieber was 13 and 23 years of age. In the comments under this post she stated that she never did plastic surgery. The model is also noted that the frame on the right was edited in photoshop a makeup artist.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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