With salaries of Russians want to charge a new fee


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The labour Ministry is ready to support the idea of a levy on the salaries of Russians an additional contribution as a compulsory unemployment insurance scheme and send it to a special Fund. From him in the future will be paid benefits in case of job loss, write “Izvestia” with reference to the report of the Ministry on the implementation of genioplasty between the trade unions, employers and the government in 2019.

The Ministry recalled that the Russians are now available voluntary insurance against unemployment. For the emergence of a system of compulsory insurance need to determine the contribution to the establishment of an extrabudgetary Fund, which will receive royalties. However, this is possible only if the representatives of trade unions and employers come to agreement about ideas.

Until the parties have reached a consensus: the first in favor of unemployment insurance, and the second against because they fear the increased financial burden. Now by law, employers are already paying for their employees insurance premiums in the amount of 30 percent of salary. If payments will increase, business will have to cut wages, employers warn.

In Russia, the system of compulsory unemployment insurance operated in the 1990-ies. When companies pay into a special Fund of 1.5 per cent from the salaries of employees, reminded the Deputy Chairman of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) Nina Kuzmina. In her opinion, currently, the level of deductions can be set in 0.5-1 percent of salary.

Earlier it was reported that the unemployment rate in April was 5.8 percent, which is the highest reading since April of 2016. The number of unemployed last month increased by more than 800 thousand people and reached 4.3 million. Compared to March 2020 number of unemployed persons increased by 23.4 percent compared to April 2019, it increased by 21 percent.

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