Xiaomi wanted to connect the brain to the computer


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Huami, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, announced the creation of a laboratory for the study of the brain. In particular, professionals interested in the link between the human mind and a computer, according to the publication cnTechPost.

Laboratory for brain research and artificial intelligence was created in conjunction with the Scientific and technical University of China (USTC). Specialists will perform both invasive and non-invasive experiments in which they want to connect the human brain to a computer. One of the main goals of the new laboratory is to build a new model of healthcare, in which technology will be deeply integrated in the human body.

In a statement, Huami and USTC stated that in one of the first studies in the new laboratory scientists will study the behavior of the brain in epilepsy. Using the method of electrophysiology of the brain the specialists are going to obtain specific markers of neurological diseases to create a tool for accurate prediction of epilepsy. Experts stressed that the new method will significantly improve the lives of many people with a similar disease.

Huami also noticed that the new lab will test methods of connecting the various interfaces to the brain. These activities will be carried out in experimental animals. Representatives of the laboratory said that the Playground will be a place for innovation, for example, on its basis will be conducted training courses for graduate students, to register various patents.

In early may, the entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced the implantation of a chip in the human brain. In the podcast Joe Rogan, he stated that during the year will be completed the work on creation of the implant, which “will be able to fix everything that is wrong with the brain”. The billionaire said that the chip will be placed under the bone of the skull.

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