A fisherman accidentally found the sunken hundreds of years ago the ship


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mexican National Institute for Anthropology and History

In the coastal waters of the Mexican village of Mahahual, Quintana Roo, began exploring sunken hundreds of years ago vehicle. This was reported on the website of the National Institute of history and archaeology of Mexico, Gobierno de México.

Local fisherman Manuel Polanco (Manuel Polanco) accidentally found the wreck and told about his discovery of the archaeologists from the National Institute. Experts examined the wreck and concluded that it sank over 200 years ago after hitting a coral reef, called the reef of the Mexican Nightmare.

A large part of the wood from which was made the ship rotted away. However, the anchor, cannons and cast-iron structures of the ship are well preserved.

Archaeologists believe that found at the bottom of the wreckage could belong to an English ship of the late XVIII — early XIX century. Scientists do not know what size was the ship that transported the circumstances under which it sank. A detailed study of the ship will begin after the lifting of restrictions imposed in the country due to the pandemic COVID-19.

National Institute called the wreck in honor of Polanco. The territory on which it happened shipwreck, was awarded the status of cultural heritage. The ship Polanco was a 70-m account, found on the tragically famous site.

Polanco reported their discovery in 1990-ies, however, the archaeologists plunged into the water and began examining the site of the shipwreck only a few months ago. Because Polanco is already about 80 years old, he could not make the researchers in the company.

In January it became known that the coast of Florida, USA, found the debris, which could belong to the steamship Cotopaxi, missing 95 years ago under mysterious circumstances. His disappearance was connected with the legend of the Bermuda triangle.

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