Apartments in Russia rose contrary to the regime of self-isolation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: AGN “Moscow”

In may 2020 square meter in the Russian new buildings rose on average by 2.3 percent, to 62.4 thousand rubles, despite prevailing throughout the regime of self-isolation. The price of new apartments also increased 2 percent, to 3.5 million rubles, follows from materials of the portal “World apartments”, arrived in edition “”.

Most notably over the last month has risen in price “a square” in Moscow, Vladivostok and Sochi is 4 percent, before 229,7 thousands 103,6 thousand and 137 thousand, respectively. Price of the lot is the hardest (also 4 percent) grew up in Sochi, Kemerovo and Kursk. Apartments in three cities in the average cost of 8.5 million, 2.6 million and 2.5 million rubles, respectively. Overall for may, the “square” new apartments fell in eight of 70 cities, the largest in Russia. The average lot value has increased to 54 cities, declined in 15, in Astrakhan, remained at the same level.

“Developers now find themselves in a very difficult position: on the one hand, high costs do not reduce prices, on the other — it is dangerous to raise them in the apparent decline of purchasing power, analysts say. — There was hope for a recovery of demand with the help of a preferential mortgage, but in times of crisis not every buyer decides to increase credit load.”

Experts do not expect reduction in the cost of housing. “Developers have nowhere to retreat, explained in “the World of apartments”. — They would rather postpone the implementation of new projects and will sell already built, keeping the prices about the same level”.

Earlier, in April, impoverishment to the level of the 90s called the condition for the collapse of housing prices in Russia. According to analysts, the coronavirus and the measures imposed for non-proliferation will not lead to a sharp drop in the value of apartments. But in the current economic climate the price per square meter may be reduced to a level at least year and a half ago.

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