Disclosed the reason for the sudden interest of the Russians to mascara


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Kostyukov / “Kommersant”

Sales of mascara rose several times of pandemic coronavirus. Details sudden jump of interest in this edition of “Rise” uncovered the representatives of the perfumery-cosmetic network “Rive Gauche” on Thursday, may 28.

It is argued that because of widespread restrictive measures — namely, wear protection masks in public places, women began to pay more attention to the eye makeup.

The first of these trends, said retailers in France, at the moment the trend has been relevant and the Russians. “In April-may, the product category [ink] entered the top 10 most popular products in the period of the pandemic and the proportion of sales of lipstick in the same period has declined,” — confirmed in the “Rive Gauche”.

Earlier in may, the main Gucci make-up artist Thomas de Klyver advised the women to change attitudes to make-up the pandemic coronavirus. According to him, make up “will help to return a sense of the usual order” and confidence and calming influence on the psyche.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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