Dog with abnormally long nose became an Internet star


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A resident of Richmond, Virginia, is convinced that her dog has the longest nose in the world. Unusual face of his pet made him an Internet star, reports the Daily Mail.

27-year-old Lily Kambourian (Lily Kambourian) said that July 23, 2018 she and her partner adopted a dog with an abnormally long nose. The cat breed of Russian Borzoi, which on may 19 was two years old, was named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord Eris (Eris). Home to her jokingly addressed as “Madame Eris Overbit, the Queen of noses”.

Kambourian notes that in two years the nose Eris is up to 31 cm. The mistress has created a page on Instagram, which shares photos of an unusual pet. Due to its unique appearance Eris quickly gained fame in the network. On account of its pictures signed by 177 thousand people.

“When we go out with Eris to the street, we always stop passers-by and trying to find out the breed — complains of Gamburyan. But last time, we began to search for unfrequented places, where we can walk the dog.” When Eris was a puppy, its owners have warned that with age, she may develop problems with their teeth. However, its long nose in the end did not cause any complications.

“She throws food everywhere, but I do the same — jokingly says Kambourian. — It is perfectly possible to stick your nose into the narrow gap between the sofas, fences, and even between dinner at the table people. So, what is there to think, her long nose is one solid virtue.”

The owners of Eris stressed that they never planned to measure a pet to establishing a world record. “But we will not oppose it, after the situation calms down in the world — said Gamburyan. Although to be honest, we have no idea what it needs to do.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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