Elena Sparrow complained about the lack of money and put up for sale


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Russian paradisica Elena Sparrow complained that due to the introduction in connection with the coronavirus bans, it ceased to make money, just like many other artists. About your lack of money comedian said in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

“Indefinitely we lack the ability to earn a living. The prospect is depressing”, she said. According to Sparrow, the situation is more favorable for those who is a theater actor, as they rely payments, and “self-employed, and IP-shnik (individual entrepreneurs. — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) — not entitled to anything”.

Paradisica said that she was the only breadwinner in the family and current situation, “of course, makes you nervous.” She admitted she was put up for sale an apartment in Montenegro on the coast. “Clearly, to part with this all you want, but due to a prolonged lack of work still have to think about it,” explained Sparrow.

She added that, despite the current problems of her own, it’s silly to compare the standard of living of stars and ordinary people. “In such situations, as it is now, we must remember that there are people who are much harder to survive”, — concluded the artist.

In July 2019 the fees became known Russian humorists for corporate events. Amounts range from 50 thousand to 3,5 million roubles. The largest fee — Maxim Galkin. In the lower price range (from 150 to 400 thousand rubles) are the actors of “a curve mirror” and graduates of “full House”, including Elena Sparrow.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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