Found a new way to protect people on the beaches during a pandemic coronavirus


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Spain found a way to protect people on the beaches during a pandemic coronavirus, avoiding “wars” for sunbeds. About this newspaper The Sun.

According to the tabloid, several resorts Madrid, Mallorca and the Canary Islands have developed a new method of monitoring to ensure tourists social distancing — pre-booking of seats.

Portals for booking launched the company Natare 360º, which specializiruetsya on the organization of events, sale of tickets and entry control. According to representatives of the developer, the new system will work both for tourists and for locals.

“We shoo, and digitize the city’s beaches, calculate their capacity. After that, citizens will be able to make a free reservation on the web sites of municipalities. After completing the booking, you need to print your receipt or download it to your smartphone, then to show the inspector on the beach”, — said the press-Secretary of company Felipe Menendez (Felipe Menéndez).

According to him, the portals will be available day-to-day: users will be able to monitor the number of seats available and occupy them even for a few minutes before leaving the house. Thus, the new system will be convenient for tourists, and for the authorities who will act as “passive control” order in public areas after they are open for locals and tourists.

Earlier in may it was reported that on the coasts of Spain began to install special sensors that will monitor the number of tourists, and then through the application to inform people about the most and least populated districts.

Prior to that, experts predicted that tourists will begin to fight for sunbeds at popular resorts after a pandemic coronavirus. Under the new rules, the staff of European hotels will place sun beds subject to social distancing. The space near the main pool is significantly reduced, because those who do not have time to take a deckchair, you will have to sunbathe to another designated area.

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