Found a potential cure for mild coronavirus



The drug against hepatitis b could potentially be used to treat mild form of coronavirus. It is expected to help strengthen the immune system of the diseased, the British newspaper Daily Mail citing the finding of scientists from Stanford. In the near future it is planned to conduct its clinical trials.

The medicine contains a synthetic form of a natural protein, which helps the body to control respiratory disease, “mobilizing” the immune system around the site of infection. Thanks to this medication the scientists hope to improve the speed of recovery and reduce the virus being spread.

“If you limit the spread of the virus to reduce the chance to communicate his family members is infected, and it is critical for the control of epidemic diseases,” said Dr. Wingert Singh, one of the authors of the study. He added that even with a light course of the disease the virus causes serious damage to the body and leads to loss of health.

Receptors sensitive to the drug contained in the protein, are located in the lungs and intestines — organs most susceptible to damage from the coronavirus, according to scientists from Stanford. It is noted that most studies conducted on patients in hospitals, but doctors are going to help the sick to avoid the need for hospitalization.

Earlier it was reported that the who stopped testing antimalarial medication hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus. The results of the research in this area suggests that patients who take this drug die more often.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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