Four-year-old Prodigy learned to write in three languages


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A four year old boy from the English town of Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, joined the society of people with high IQ Mensa, he already knows three languages. This publication reports The Mirror.

Four-year-old Isaac Miller (Izaak Miller) has for two years taught himself to read books and can write in English, Greek and Arabic, although he has no Greek or Arab roots. He knows all 50 us States, can count to ten in Spanish and asked my parents for a book with the Russian alphabet. His reading skills — as the child at the age of seven years and ten months, and the skills of mathematics — as the middle child of six and a half years. It could list all planets in order,

Isaac spends time folding cubes with the alphabet next to the appropriate objects. For example, “And” he lay next to the aquarium.

The child’s mother, 32-year-old Michelle Nelson (Michelle Nelson) said that the boy learned to read while walking when I was trying to figure out the signs, the signs on the buses and pasted in the posters. “People looked at him and asked the student if he. They could not believe that such a small child can read,” said Nelson.

The boy receives a primary education and passed a test of mental abilities with a psychologist in the field of education by Peter Congdon (Peter Congdon). In its report Congdon described Isaac as a child with a very high General intelligence and relevant scholastic achievements. An indicator of his IQ of 154.

Since the Mensa test cannot be applied to children under the age of ten years, in such cases is an independent study as the primary evidence of admission to the organization. Mensa confirmed by the results of the test, and in April sent a letter saying that the boy was accepted as a member of the organization.

Earlier it was reported that a three-year old Prodigy from British County Durham took the Mensa society, the largest organization for people with high IQs. He speaks two languages: Malay and English.

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