Hard filmed the arrest of a black man the girl hunted in the network


www.vsyako.netFrame: Darnella Frazier page on Facebook

The girl shared in Facebook video from the moment of arrest the hard of a black man, was hounded on social networks. She told TMZ.

17-year-old Darnell Frazier (Darnella Frazier) told me that she was criticized for indifference. Some users of social networks began to reproach her, saying that she had to do something to help the detainee, to intervene physically, not just stand and shoot.

Some accused Frasier that she has posted a video for some influence or attention. The girl has categorically rejected all these assumptions. It also faced the scrutiny of the media after its publication.

The girl’s mother interceded for her daughter, saying that she survived a traumatic experience, but expressed confidence that Darnell got to where she needed to be to capture the tragic moment and share it with the world. She also noted that her daughter and several other witnesses pleaded with the police to stop their actions.

The footage, published by a girl, captured the moment a rough arrest by the police of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a black man, 46-year-old security guard of Georges Floyd. May 25, police officers arrested Floyd near a grocery store after he allegedly paid there’s a fake cheque. They dragged him from the car and laid on the pavement, one of them roughly crushed citizen with his knee, and he does not resist and began to complain that he can’t breathe. He was taken to hospital where he died shortly thereafter. Later it turned out that the man was suffering from some health problems. Friends and acquaintances of the man assured that he was a good citizen and a responsible employee.

After the death of Floyd in Minneapolis and other U.S. cities, riots broke out. It became known that on the second day of protests at the shooting killed another man. According to reports, the fire was opened by the owner of the pawn shop because of the aggressive behaviour of protesters who began to attack and loot shops. The wounded died in hospital, police arrested the suspect.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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