Hopeless patient recovered from coronavirus, and returned home


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Steve Banks

A resident of the UK in recovery which did not believe the doctors, suddenly recovered from a new coronavirus infection and returned home. Reported by the Daily Star.

17 Mar 44-year-old resident of the English County of Essex Steve banks (Steve Banks) fell ill: he had a high fever and started coughing. 25 March, he was urgently hospitalized with symptoms of the coronavirus. After a few hours the man was put into a medically induced coma and hooked up to artificial lung ventilation (ALV), as the patient’s condition was rapidly deteriorating.

Banks woke up after seven weeks. When he opened his eyes, he saw that the doctors and nurses stood around his bed and applauded. They told the man that for the last month and a half he has undergone cardiac, renal and respiratory failure, and sepsis, so he was considered a hopeless patient. The hospital staff even asked male relatives to write him a farewell letter and to start preparing funeral arrangements.

Surprisingly, however, banks started to recover and on Wednesday, may 20, he was discharged from the hospital. Because of the large weight loss male is not yet able to move independently, he is assisted by his wife and children. “I have no strength, I try not to overwork because they are afraid of the return of illness and complications,” admitted banks. He believes he caught the virus while working in London.

Steve’s wife, Lisa (Lisa) said that she was very difficult to see through the illness of her husband. “I was scared and felt powerless because he could not help him. I had to talk to the children about what their father might die. I’m happy that it’s all over now”, she said.

Now banks is at home and recovering from an illness. He expressed gratitude to all the hospital staff for their care.

Earlier it was reported infected with a coronavirus infection, the patient was in the hospital for two months in critical condition and all of a sudden recovered. His healing did not believe even the doctors, but the man went to the amendment, and he was soon discharged home.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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