In Crimea, found built of gravestones of the building


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home “Old Simferopol. Local history” in Facebook

The building of the Simferopol technical school of railway transport and industry were built from gravestones. It turned out when the repair facility. Pictures of the facade are placed in the Crimean group “Old Simferopol. Local history” in Facebook.

“Karaite street, 29A. The building of the College. There is a repair of the facade. It is seen that used in the construction of tombstones. Hurry to see it until you disappeared under a new layer of plaster or foam”, — signed photo of the woman who found an unusual object.

The review team members presented their versions of the use of tombstones in the construction of the building. “Probably used the plates from the First city cemetery, which was in the street Cemetery, now Krylov. Or First civil (old Russian),” suggested one of them.

“In the 30’s in the late 40’s and throughout the Union with the cemeteries dismantled monuments from precious materials — marble, granite — for construction of objects of importance, — said the other commentator. Is primarily underground, various palaces, etc. Else that is easier, went to the building destroyed by the war, and not only. Simferopol bigger city, and the cemetery was rich in this material. With the whole of the Crimea were brought to Simferopol. At the freight station was uploaded compositions and to Moscow, Leningrad. Here, for example, in Kharkiv all the stadiums are on former cemeteries, and many parks. Before the war the grave was cleared of values, and so on throughout the Union.”

In the summer of 2019 in Astrakhan, the utility repaired the street with pieces of tombstones. Subsequently, the Prosecutor ordered them to clear the road “from the fragments of a ritual paraphernalia”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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