Named the most vulnerable to the second wave of coronavirus regions


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The second wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus are the most susceptible to those regions of Russia that applied strict quarantine measures, and also areas with a small number of infected in the first wave. The most vulnerable subjects called doctor-pediatrician, infectious diseases specialist and vaccinologist Yevgeny Timakov, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday, may 28.

According to him, the second wave is projected, where the population has not developed the immune stratum, which consists of survivors, immune to COVID-19 and received immunity in the outcome of asymptomatic course of the disease. “The second wave for Russia, while expressed to a lesser extent in those regions, which had hardly faced the problem of coronavirus,” — said Timakov.

He stressed that, thus, the second wave is unlikely because “the first one was stretched for time and already have immune layer of the population”. However, according to the physician to precisely avoid the second wave, it is necessary to observe a mask mode.

Informed doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Altstein said that in the case of the second wave of coronavirus infection in Russia restrictive measures should be softer than it is now. According to him, when a large number of infected you must enter electoral isolation for citizens at risk. The rest will continue to lead an active life, or the economy would collapse. “Without a functioning economy, people will die much more than from the coronavirus,” said he.

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