Norway said about the uselessness of quarantine


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Marit Hommedal / Reuters

Norway analyzed data on the number of infections in the country and found out that quarantine was useless. This statement was published in The Spectator.

Authorities learned about pneumonia COVID-19 and those who had contracted the coronavirus. It turned out that in mid-March, when authorities have imposed quarantine measures, Norway was at the peak of disease. After that, the number of cases gradually decreased.

Director of the Norwegian Institute of public health, Camilla Stoltenberg noted that, most likely, it was possible to dispense with a rigorous quarantine. “Instead, we could leave [the border] open and simply take precautions to slow the spread [of the virus],” he said.

The authorities also estimate what damage was caused to the education sector: due to the closure of schools earning potential of graduates is reduced. According to Stoltenberg, the schools were not well prepared for the transition to distance learning.

According to the latest data, Norway 8401 cases of infection coronavirus infection, 235 people died and 7727 — cured. In early may, the government began to ease quarantine measures.

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