Pair of 19 days he wandered in the wilderness and survived


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Tourists-hikers are lost in the Kahurangi national Park in New Zealand and were found alive after 19 days. About this site reports The Mirror.

Saturday, may 9, Jessica O’connor (Jessica O’connor) and Dionne Reynolds (Reynolds Dion) went with backpacks on a hike. After a few days they got lost in the wilderness and are unable to find your way back.

Thursday, may 27, a search helicopter spotted the smoke in dense Bush and the two people who were waving from the ground. A helicopter brought the couple to the hospital. The Reynolds was ankle sprain, and O’connor — sprain back in the fall.

Mark O’connor (Mark O’connor), Jessica’s father, was in a rescue centre, when I learned that someone found. He said that the girl’s family was happy when heard the news.

Sister Reynolds Stephanie Lee Ludlow (Stephanie-Lee Ludlow) reported that talked briefly to my brother. He and O’connor don’t know how they managed to survive, but both are happy it’s all over. Friends of Reynolds want to see and hear stories about what happened.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of France escaped from quarantine coronavirus in the mountains and got to a fine of 135 euros (more than 11 thousand rubles). He wanted to cross the border with Spain along the mountain trail, but he stumbled and fell into the Creek and ultimately lost.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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