Poland envied recovering from pandemic coronavirus countries


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Matej Leskovsek / Reuters

In Poland the pandemic coronavirus fell the sentiment of entrepreneurs and consumers to a historic low since March 2009. The situation is better in other European countries, in which the removal of restrictive measures has led to increased sentiment among the population. About envy Warsaw recovering countries, writes the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

According to statistics of the European economic sentiment indicator (ESI) compiled by the European Commission on the basis of a survey of households and business leaders for each of the countries of Europe, index in Poland fell to 46.9 points from 47.2 points, while in Europe it rose to 66.7 points from 63.8 points. Rzeczpospolita notes that ESI reflects the assessment of consumers and businesses regarding the current financial position and future expectations.

At the same time, other European countries will help be the envy of Poland itself. In particular, the country improved sentiment in industry and construction. Although the success of European States in other areas enough to bring back to normal mood, according to the material.

May 26 it became known that Poland Charter flight delivered 178 migrant workers from Ukraine. About 40 percent of them came to work in Poland for the first time. People will be involved, in particular, consumer and logistic applications. With all the Ukrainians signed long-term contracts, they provide health insurance.

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